Reference Weblink Comments
Opera Operaclass, selected opera discographies
ODE - Opera Discography Encyclopaedia Carlo Marinelli. From Danish site Det Virtuelle Bibliotek
Opera - CLOR Brian Capon
Godzillamonster Japanese Soundtracks
Soundtrack collector Soundtracks – many others may be found from here
Women’s music Two hundred and fifty years of music by women, Diana Ambache
Women's Electro-acoustic Music Selected Discography of Women's Electro-acoustic Music(current through Spring 2001)Compiled by Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner
C18 English Music C18 English Music – Roger Slade
Todd McComb / Medieval music site with discographies
Med-Ren collections University of Oregon Some parts restricted to universities
Chicago early music University of Chicago Restricted to universities
Renaissance music in England
Renaissance music Discography to accompany Allan W. Atlas's Anthology of Renaissance Music, compiled by Mark Pottinger 1999
Jazz The JAZZ Discography contains details on over 136,000 recording sessions include location, date, musicians, instruments, tunes, matrix numbers and album/CD releases
EJN European Jazz Network John Wall
Electro CD Canadian electronic music site
Microtonal music Microtonal music on CDThis list contains microtonal/xenharmonic/non-12 music on CD only
Women Composers Includes Historical anthology of music by women, James R. Briscoe
Women composers before 1900 Discography of recordings by artists using compositionswritten by 64 women before 1900
Railway music
Center for Black Music Research Black musicians’ discography
Black Composers
African-American Studies Toolkit Gerri Gribi Classical Music Recordingsof Composers of African Descent
Cello in Jazz
World Music Vassar site
German dance Music Lotz Verlag
New Age New Age, Electronic Ambient music
Post-Minimalism A reference to Postminimal, Totalist and Rare Minimalist Music by Kyle Gann
Cathedral choirs Pre-CD discographies.
Cathedral choirs Extensive website and discography of male-voice choirs singing in the English cathedral tradition.
Renaissance dance This article appeared in volume 3 of the Letter of Dance.
Early Music Web Ring Linked early music sites
Song of Songs Jay C Treat
Electro-acoustic University of Florida Restricted to universities
Electro-acoustic Italian site with news and discographies
New Music Thomas Moore’s New Music links
New music Society for New Music (New York)
Period instrument performances
Sound poetry Christian Scholz
Rock ‘n Roll Rubin's Rock N Roll Discography
English Folk music Reinhard Zierke
English Folk song English Folk Song Bibliography
Marine Band In Korean?
Med/Ren: the Song of Songs
Avant Garde Lists of works and recordings of Avant Garde composers
Avant Garde Documenting the International Avant Garde: Earle Brown and the Time-Mainstream Contemporary Sound Series. Notes 61.2 (2004) 350-360Access restricted
Plainchant Belgian (Flemish) site
Scottish Early music Concerto Caledonia
Graeco-Roman themes in Musical Works Portuguese site: University of Coimbra
Music and Railways Recordings of music with Railway influence.
Traditional Ballads Robert B. Waltz and David G. Engle
Light music / easy listening Robert Farnon Society online discography, David Ades
Renaissance Dance Bibliography and Discography for 15th century Italian Dance
Traditional Music A Discography of Recorded Traditional Music by Rod Stradling
Hip-Hop, electronic etc. A user-built database of music information
American Fiddle Tunes Missouri Bibliographical references including discographies
Class Act References for music used in musicals.
Improvised music Improvised music from Japan by Yoshiyuki Suzuki
Gay and Lesbian music Guide to Gay and Lesbian Resources, University of Chicago
Lesbian American Composers University of Oregon Women’s site.
Stuart music Late English Baroque 1675-1714
Music in the Civil War era John Druesedow, 2003Access restricted
Tolkien Chris Seeman
Christian Rock Christian Hancock
Christian music Miles O'Neal website
Jazz in Austria
Notre dame Polyphony See
Ars Antiqua Stephen Bloch
Medieval General Stephen Bloch
Jazz Robert’s Jazz Corner, Robert Stubenrauch
Evangelical worship Bethany Lutheran College
Finnish Electronic and Avantgarde Music A Short Discography of the Finnish Electronic and Avantgarde Music in the Late 1960s and the Early 70s
Swedish guitar music Swedish guitar music