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Reference Weblink Comments
General Discography of famous instruments used in recordings, José Sánchez-Penzo
General Symphonic discography, by Courtney Jamison 1996
Accordion Links to performers’ sites
Bassoon Alf Sollie
Baroque bassoon
Contrabass Clarinet
Contrabass clarinet
Crumhorn Frank Cone
Double bass
Euphonium David Werden
Baroque flute (1) Hibgee, Dale: Baroque flute discography
Contrabass flute
Swedish guitar music Swedish guitar music
Horn Book reference: Guide to 78 rpm era recordings of the Horn, Amy McBeth
Baroque Oboe Baroque Music for Oboe, Daniel Stolper
Oboe The Evolution of the First Movement Structurein the 18th Century Oboe Concerto. C D Lehrer
Oboe Supplement to Stolper oboe discography, Cees Verheijen
Ocarina Mose Tapiero
Pipe Organ Various links
Arp Schnitger Organs
Percussion CWU Music Library Percussion Discography 1995, Stacie Kudamatsu
Piano and Harpsichord CWU Music Library Piano and Harpsichord CD Discography, Jimmi Austin 1996
Recorder The Recorder Home page, Liesbeth van der Sluijs, Nicholas S. Lander & Christopher Short
Classical Saxophone
Bass saxophone
Contrabass saxophone
Shakuhachi International Shakuhachi Society discography
Theremin Matthias Sauer
Trombone in Canada Canadian Compositions for Trombone
Trombone http:// University of Pittsburg
Bass trombone
Trumpet Alvin Lowrey
Trumpet Trumpet Guild Journal Index 1976 - 99
Vibraphone Solo Jazz Vibraphone discography
Viola New York Viola Society
Violin Chensiton K Roland
Violin The World Violinist Links, A. Kose
Wind Cwu Music LibraryWind Discography, Stacie Kudamatsu