The links below will download four previously unpublished takes of Chopin Preludes recorded by Alfred Cortot in 1927 and 1928. The files use FLAC lossless compression. Click here to find out more about FLAC files.

Below are the officially issued 1926 recordings of the same items, for comparison:

Technical notes:

  • Stylus 0.0035". EQ (Front End): Bass(μS): flat. - Mid(μS): 636 Top(μS): 40, turnover 7. Noise reduction: Cedar DCX Declicker and CRX decrackler.
  • Transfers, from discs in the King's Sound Archive, by Andrew Hallifax for CHARM at King's College London, © 2007 King's College London.
  • Discographical data courtesy of Alan Kelly from his privately-published CDRs, MAT 201 and MAT 207.