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Composer C/Name/Dates Weblink Comments
Abe Keiko (1937-)
Percussion discography by Ruud Wiener; Discography of Minoru Miki; Shakuhachi Society discography
Abrahamsen Hans (1952-) Publisher’s site (Wm Hansen)
Absil Jean
Quad recordings discography
Classical saxophone discography
Adam Adolphe (1803-1856) Selected opera discographies
Adams John (1947-)
Select discography re. Schirmer published works
New Albion
Addinsell Richard (1904-1977) Chester Novello discography
Ades Thomas (1971-) Publisher’s discography (Faber)
Adler Samuel (1928-) Publisher’s discography (Presser)
Agrell Johan Joachim (1701-1765) Hilding Rosenberg Pages: Swedish works
Agricola Alexander (1446-1506) Todd M McComb / P-F Roberge
Ahern David (1947-1988) Australian Music Centre
Akutagawa Yasushi (1925-1989)
Soundtrack collector
Discography of Japanese soundtracks
Alamire Petrus (1470-1534) Todd M McComb / P-F Roberge
Albeniz Isaac (1860-1909) Albeniz’s cylinder recordings
Albert Prince (1819-61) Todd M McComb
Albert Stephen (Joel) (1941-1992) Publisher site – Schirmer
Alfonso X (El Sabio) (1221-1284) By P-F Roberge
Alfven Hugo (1872-1960) Swedish official website.
Alkan Charles-Valentin (1813-1888) Alkan Society
Alwyn William (1905-85)
Alwyn Society
Soundtrack Collector
Amy Gilbert (1936-)
D’ana (Varoter) Francesco (1460-1502/3), Pierre-F. Roberge
Anderson Leroy (1908-1975) Official website
Andriessen Louis (1939-)
Boosey & Hawkes-issued selected recordings
Living Composers project
Anerio Felice (c1560-1614)
Anerio Giovanni Francesco (c1567-1630)
Anglebert Jean-Henri d' (1628-1691), Pierre-F. Roberge
Antes John (1740-1811)
New World records; College project
Antheil George (1900-1959) Publisher’s site (Schirmer)
Antill John (Henry) (1904-86) Australian Music centre catalogue
Archer Violet (Balestreri) (1913-) Women’s music discography
Arditi Luigi (1822-1903)
Argento Dominick (1927-) Reference to book discography
Arne Thomas Augustine (1710-1778) Roger Slade
Arnell Richard (Anthony Sayer) (1917-) Soundtrack Collector
Arnold Malcolm (1921-)
Official Website
Malcolm Arnold Society
Arrieu Claude (1903-90) Women’s music discography
Ashley Robert (Reynolds) (1930-) Composer’s site
Auber Daniel-Francois (1782-1871) Naxos discography
Aufschnaiter Benedict Anton (1665-1742) Italian discography
Aulin Tor (Bernhard Vilhelm) (1866-1914) Hilding Rosenberg (Swedish arranger’s) site
Auric Georges (1899-1983) Eds. Durand
Avison Charles (1709-1770) Roger Slade
Avni Tzvi (1927-) Composer’s website