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Composer C/Name/Dates Weblink Comments
Dalby (John) Martin (1942-) Scottish Music Centre
Dadelsen Hans Christian von Publisher’s site (Schott)
Dahlstedt Palle (1971-) Composer’s site
Daly Ross Sterns music
Dameron Tadd http://www.musicianguide.coml
Dan I Composer’s site
Danielpour Richard (1956-) Publisher’s site (Schirmer).
Dashow James Composer’s site
Daugherty Michael Composer’s site.
Daunais Lionel Canadian Encyclopedia
Davies (Maxwell-Davies) Sir Peter
Publisher’s site (Chester Novello)
Publisher’s site (Boosey).
Davis Anthony Publisher’s site (Schirmer)
Dean Brett Australian Music Centre
Deane Raymond Contemporary Music Centre Ireland
Delaurenti Christopher (1967-2071) Record Label Electroshock
Desantis Dennis (1973-) Composer’s site
Dedrick Christopher Composer’s site
Delaurenti Christopher Composer’s site
Delden Lex van (1919-1988) Composer’s site
Delgado Alexandre Living Composers Project
Delgado Luis Galileo MC site (German/Spanish music business)
Delius Frederick (1862-1934)
Bill ThompsonDelius Society
Della Ciaia Azzolino Bernardino (1671-1755) Tesori Musicali Toscani
Dello Joio Norman (1913-) Filmography
Demby Constance Composer’s site
Demoraes Vinicus Brazilian music site
Denyer Frank Wikipedia
Derome Jean Canadian Encyclopedia.
Desprez Josquin (c.1440-1521)
Medieval.orgTodd McComb
Deussen Nancy Bloomer (1931-) Composer’s site
Devreese Godfried (1893-1972) Living Composers Project
Dhomont Francis Discogs site
Diamond David (1915-) ‘official’site
Dickinson Peter (1934-) Publisher’s site (Chester Novello)
Didkovsky Nick Composer’s band’s site
Diemer Emma Lou (1927-) Sigma Alpha Iota
Dijkstra Lowell Composer’s site
Dillon James (1950-) http:/ Living Composers Project
Dinescu Violeta http:/ Living Composers Project
Ding Shande (1911-) Publisher’s site (Schott – Wergo)
Dohnányi Ernő (Ernst von) (1877-1960) Deborah Kiszely-Papp, Ernő Dohnányi Archives, Institute for Musicology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Dolphy Eric
Donizetti (Domenico) Gaetano (Maria) (1797-1848) CLOR
Dorham Kenny
Douglas Dave Patrice Roussel
Douglas William Canadian Encyclopedia site
Dove Jonathan Publisher’s site (Faber)
Downes Andrew Composer’s site
Doyle Patrick Fan site
Draeseke Felix (1835-1913) Official website.
Dramm David Composer’s site
Drese Ingrid
Selected Discography of Women's Electro-acoustic Music by Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner
Dresher Paul Composer’s site.
Dreyfus George (1928-) Jonathan Dreyfus.
Druckman Jacob (1928-) Publisher’s site (Boosey)
Dubois François (1837-1924) Composer’s site
Dudley Anne Composer’s site
Dufay Guillaume (c.1400-1474)
Duffy John Composer’s site
Dukas Paul (1865-1935) Filmography – films using Dukas’s music
Dukay Barnabas Hungarian Radio site
Dun Tan (1957-)
Composer’s site – audio and video listings
Duncan Trevor (1924-) IMDB filmography
Dunkelman Stephan
Dunstable John (c.1390, 1453)
Duparc Henri (1848-1933) IMDB filmography.
Durieux Frederic Living Composers Project
Durko Zsolt Hungarian Radio site
Duruflé Maurice (1902-1986)
Dusapin Pascal Living Composers Project
Dusek Frantisek (1731-1799) Danish Michael Haydn Project
Dvorak Antonin (1841-1904)
Dylan (Zimmerman) Bob (1941-) Claims to show all Bob Dylan albums