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Composer C/Name/Dates Weblink Comments
Cabezon Antonio de (1510-1566)
Cabezon Hernando de (1541-1602)
Cable Howard Encyclopedia of Music in Canada
Caccini Giulio (1551-1618)
Caccini Settimia
Caesar Irving Soundtrack Collector
Cage John (1912-1992)
Official website
Mode records
John Cage Online compiled by Josh Ronsen
Caine Uri Composer’s site
Cale John Mr. Bill's I.R.S. Records Corner
Caltabiano Ronald (1959-) Composer’s site
Calvert Morley Canadian Music Centre.
Camilo Michel Composer’s site
Campian (Campion) Thomas (1567-1620) Patrick T. Connolly
Campo Regis Living Composers Project
Campogrande Nicola Composer’s site (in Italian)
Canat de Chizy Edith Composer’s site
Carastathis Aris (1957-) Composer’s site
Cardew Cornelius (1936-81)
Cardy Patrick Composer’s site
Carlos Wendy (formerly Walter) (1939-) Composer’s site
Carolan Turlough Performer (harp) and composer
Carpi Fiorenzo Soundtrack collector
Carr Richard Composer’s site
Carrapatoso Eurico Living Composers Project
Carter Andrew (1939-) Publisher’s (OUP) site
Carter Betty (1929-98) Music Channel
Carter Elliott (1908-)
Publisher’s (Schirmer) site
Carter Ron (1937-) Music Channel
Carthy Eliza Composer’s site
Carthy Martin
Carwithen Doreen (1922-) Music Web
Cary Tristram Ogilvie (1925 -) Australian Music Centre
Casals Pablo (1876-1973)
In Korean
Classics Online
Cassidy Patrick Composer’s site
Caymmi Dorival Brazilian Music Guide
Chabrier Emmanuel (1841-1894) French Culture site
Chadwick George Whitefield (1854-1931)
Chagas Paulo Living Composers Project
Chalhoub Claude World Music store discography
Chaminade Cecile (1857 1944) University Oregon Women’s site
Chapple Brian (1945-) Publisher’s site (Chester Novello)
Charpentier Marc Antoine (1645-1704) M-A Charpentier Society site (in French).
Chausson Ernest (1855-1899) French Culture site
Chavero Hector Roberto AKA Atahualpa Yupanqui. Allmusic site
Chavez Carlos (1899-1978) Compiled by Jerome Kohl
Cherney Brian Canadian Music Centre site
Childs Barney Discography of 37 songs.
Chion Michel ElectroCD.
Chisholm Erik (1904-1965) Scottish Music Centre site
Chiweshe Stella Gateway of Africa
Chopin Frederic (1810-1849) ‘unofficial’ site : selected recordings with comments
Ciaia Azzolino Bernardino della (1671-1755) Tesori Musicali Toscani site
Ciconia Johannes (c.1335-1411)
Cilea Francesco (1866-1950 Filmography
Claesen Ludo Living Composers Project
Clarke Rebecca (1886-1979) Official website
Clarke Rhona CMC Ireland site
Clayton Jay Composer’s site
Cleary Siobhan CMC Ireland site
Clementi Musio (1752-1832) Roberto Illiano
Cliffe Frederick (1857-1931) Music Web International
Cloerec Rene Soundtrack Collector
Coates Eric (1886 -1957) Filmography
Codax Martin
Cohen Leonard
Coleman Dan (1972-) Composer’s site
Coleridge-Taylor Samuel (1875-1912)
Chevalier de St GeorgesCenter for Black Music Research.
Colgrass Michael (1932-)
Composer’s sites
Comitas Alexander Composer’s site
Connolly Justin (1933 -) Publisher’s site (Chester Novello)
Contant Alexis (1858-1918) CMC Canadian Music Centre site
Conyngham Barry Australian Music centre
Cooke Arnold Atkinson (1906-) Official site
Cora Tom Patrice Roussel and Stephane Vuilleumier
Cordero Roque (1917-) Sigma Alpha Iota. See also Center for Black Music Research
Corijn (Coryn) Roland Living Composers Project
Corner Philip (1933-) information search engine
Corri Sophia University of Oregon Women’s site
Coryell Larry Composer’s site
Couperin François (1668-1733) Many sub-links to Couperin recordings
Couperin Louis (1626-1661)
Courvoisier Sylvie email: David Belkin and Rick Lopez
Cowell Henry Dixon (1897-1965) Wikipedia
Cowie Edward (1943-) Australian Music Centre
Cox David Harold (1945-) Contemporary Mucis centre Ireland
Cramer Johann Baptist (1771-1858) Danish Michael Haydn project
Crawford-Seeger Ruth (1901-53) Reference to ‘Women of Note Quarterly’Volume 2, Nos. 1-4
Creston Paul (aka Giuseppi Guttoveggio) (1906-1985) Publisher’s site (Chester Novello)
Crispell Marilyn
Croft William (1678-1727) Roger Slade
Crosse Gordon (1937-) Publisher’s site (OUP)
Crumb George Henry (1929-) Official website
Cui Cesar (1835-1918) Stanford University, updated 1997
Cura Jose Composer’s site
Curiale Joseph Composer’s site
Curran Alvin Composer’s site
Cutler Chris Composer’s site
Czernowin Chaya Living Composers Project.
Czukay Holger Interview with ‘essential discography’