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Composer C/Name/Dates Weblink Comments
Maal Baaba Artist’s site
Maayani Ami
Tel Aviv University site; Publisher’s site (Boosey)
Maccoll Ewan Chris Keable; Ewan MacColl/Peggy Seeger Archive
Macdonald Andrew Bishops University Canada site
Machajdik Peter (1961-) Composer’s site
Machaut Guillaume de (1300-1377)
Machover Tod Composer’s site
Macintyre David K Canadian Music centre
Mackey Steven Composer’s site
Macmillan Ernest Canadian Music centre
Macmillan James Publisher’s site (Boosey)
Maconchy (Dame) Elizabeth (1907-1987)
Publisher’s site (Chester Novello)
Macrae Stuart Publisher’s site (Chester Novello)
Madetoja Leevi Antti (1887-1947) Filmography
Maegaard Jan Carl Christian (1926-) Da Capo records
Maffia Pedro TodoTango
Magle Frederik Composer’s site
Magnard Alberic (1865-1914)
Mahler Alma (1879-1964)
University of Oregon Women Composers’ site; I-classics
Mahler Gustav (1860-1911)
Filmography; Mahler Society Archive; email:
Maillart Aime Louis (1817-1871) University of Oregon Women Composers’ site
Makeba Miriam Gateway of Africa
Malawski Artur Polish Music centre
Malibran Maria (1808-1836) University of Oregon Women Composers’ site
Malipiero Gian Francesco (1882-1973)
Man Roderik de Living Composers project
Mancini Francesco (1679-1739) Geoff Grainger
Mancini Henry (1924-1994) Filmography
Manfredini Francesco Onofrio (1684-1762) Tesori Musicali Toscani
Manfredini Vincenzo (1737-1799) Tesori Musicali Toscani
Mangelsdorff Albert
Manneke Daan (1939-) Classical Composers Database. Contributed by Frits Manneke
Mansell Clint Rate Your Music
Mantovani Bruno
Marais Marin (1656-1728)
Filmography; France diplomatie
Marclay Christian WNUR
Marenzio Luca (1553 -1599)
Marez-Oyens Tera de(1932-1996) Biography with discography.
Marguerite D'autriche (1480-1530) Included with Pierre de la Rue in
Maros Rudolf (1917-) Filmography
Marshall Ingram
DRAM. New Albion Artists
Martin Frank (1890-1974)
Frank Martin Society
Martino Donald James (1931-)
Composer’s publishing company – items in print only.
Martirano Salvatore Maintained by composer’s son
Marttinen Tauno (1912-)
Rauno Marttinen; Finnish Music information Centre. Compiled by Petri Tuovinen
Martusciello Maurizio Links to record companies
Marx Josef (1882-1964)
Mason Lowell (1792-1872) Filmography
Massenet Jules (1842-1912)
Filmography. See also Durbeck ArchiveAssociation Massenet
Association Massenet - rue de la Poudrière - 61400 - Mortagne au Perche - France [e-mail]
Masuka Dorothy Gateway of Africa
Mathias William
Matteo De Perugia (1348-?)
Matthews Colin (1946-)
Living Composers’ project
Matthews David (1943-)
Living Composers’ project
Matton Roger Canadian music Centre
Mauleon Rebeca
Maurer Albrecht Composer’s site
Maurice Paule University of Oregon Women Composers’ site
Maute Matthias (1963-) Classical Composers Database
Maxwell-Davies (Sir) Peter (1934-)
Wikipedia; Publisher’s site Boosey
Maxwell-Geddes John Scottish Music Centre
May Frederick
CMC Ireland
Mayer Emilie
Mayuzumi Toshiro (1929-1997)
Mazijk Rutger van CDDB
McCabe John (1939-)
Composer’s site; Filmography
McDougall Ian ttp:// Composer’ site
McDowall Cecilia Arkiv
McGlynn Michael CMC Ireland
McGuire Edward Scottish Music centre
McGuire John Living Composers Project
Mclaughlin John Johann Haidenbauer
Mcleod John Publisher’s site
Mcnabb Michael Composer’s site
McPhee Colin Canadian Music centre
McPhee Joe Composer’s site
McTell Ralph Composer’s site - dormant
Meale Richard Australian Music centre
Meester Louis de CeBeDem Belgian Documentation Centrefor Contemporary Music
Méfano Paul (1937-) Publisher’s site: Editions musicales européennes
Mehul Etienne Nicolas (1763-1817)
Wikipedia; France diplomatie
Meij Johan de Amstel Music Amsterdam
Melani Alessandro (1639-1703) Tesori Musicali Toscani
Mendelssohn Felix Bartoldy (1809-1847)
Filmography; BBC website
Mengelberg Misha Sheffield University site
Mennin Peter (1923-1983)
New World records
Meriläinen Usko (1930-) Finnish Music information centre
Merula Tarquinio (c.1595-1665) a été créé par Jean-Marc Warszawski
Merulo Claudio (1533-1604)
Messager Andre (1853-1929) a été créé par Jean-Marc Warszawski
Messiaen Olivier (1908-1992)
Japanese site; Filmography
Metcalf John Composer’s site
Meyer Edgar
IMG Artists
Meyerbeer Giacomo (1791-1864)
Meyerbeer Fan Club
Miaskovsky Nikolai Yakovlevich (1881-1950)
Onno van Rijen Official website
Michael David Moritz (1751-1827) DRAM.
Michael Edouard
Mielck Ernst Finnish Music Information Centre
Mielczewski Marcin Polish music centre
Miki Minoru International Shakuhachi Society
Miller Glenn (1904-44) Links to several Glenn Miller sites.
Miller Marcus Composer’s site (also Filmography)
Mills Kenneth George Canadian Music Encylopedia
Milojevic Miloje (1884-1946) Research Centre of European Multipart Music
Mitchell Roscoe Dan Plonsey
Miyagi Michio (1894-1956) International Shakuhachi Society
Mo Wuping See Gracenote in Genres.
Moe Eric Composer’s site
Moerane Michael Mosoeu (1904-1980) Chevalier de St Georges
Moller Peter Record Company (Danacord)
Mompou Federico (1893-1987)
Moniuszko Stanislaus (1819-1872) Polish Music centre
Monk Meredith
Lovely Music Ltd. Official website – current availability only.
Montague Stephen Living Composers project
Monterose J. R. Michael Fitzgerald
Monteverdi Claudio (1567-1643)
Reference to Vespers discography; Filmography; Reference to Alan Curtis, A selective Monteverdi discography, 1979
Montsalvatge Xavier Composer’s site
Moody Ivan Composer’s site
Moore Douglas
Moore Glen Composer’s band site
Moraes Vinicius de
Slipcue; Composer’s site
Morales Cristobal de (1500-1553) University of Oregon
Moran Robert Composer’s site
Morel François (d’Assise) (1926-) Canadian Music centre
Morgan Lee Masaya Matsumura
Morlock Jocelyn Living Composers project
Moroi Makoto International Shakuhachi Society
Morricone Ennio (1928-) Instromania
Morrison Jim See RCS (Rockin Country Style)
Moss David Patrice Roussel
Moszkowski Moritz (1854-1925) Polish music centre
Moszumanska-Nazar Krystyna Polish Publisher’s site (PWM)
Mouton Charles (1626-1692)
Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791)
Links to CDs and reviews; Filmography
Mozetic Marjan (1948-) Canadian Music centre.
Muffat George (1653-1704) Classical.Net
Muldowney Dominic Publisher’s site (Faber)
Mullenbach Alexander Swiss National Sound Archives
Mulvey Grainne CMC Ireland
Mumma Gordon (1935-)
Murray James R DRAM
Musgrave Thea
Publisher’s site (Chester Novello); Composer’s site