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Composer C/Name/Dates Weblink Comments
Rachmaninov Serge (1873-1943)
Tan Kar-Gee, Tan, discography of Third Piano Concerto Filmography
Raes Godfried-Willem (1952-) Composer’s site
Raff Joachim (1822-1882) Raff Society, complied by Eric Schissel, Klaus Zehnder-Tischendorf and others
Rainier Priaulx University of Oregon site
Raitio Vaino Finnish music Information Centre
Rak Stepan Composer’s site
Raksin David Soundtrack Collector
Rameau Jean-Philippe (1683-1764)
Ran Shulamit Publisher (Presser) site
Rands Bernard Composer’s site
Raphael Gunter (1903-1960) Composer’s site (German)
Rathaus Karol (1895-1954) Polish Music Centre
Rautavaara Einojuhani (1928-)
Virtual Finland
Finnish Music information Centre
Rautio Matti Finnish Music information Centre
Rava Enrico
Ravel Maurice (1875-1937)
Filmography; Classics online
Ravenscroft Thomas (1582-1635)
Mostly compiled by Bernd Roth. From
Rawsthorne Alan Friends of Alan Rawsthorne and Alan Rawsthorne. Trust
Rechberger Herman Finnish Music Information Centre
Reed H Owen (1910) Sigma Alpha Iota
Regamey Constantin Polish Music centre
Reger Max (1873-1916)
David V Cox
Rehnqvist Karin Composer’s site
Reich Steve (1936-) ttp://
Composer’s site.The Art of Music web ring
Reijseger Ernst European Jazz Musicians site
Renouard Lariviere, Regis ElectroCD
Respighi Ottorino (1879-1936)
Adriano Zürich; Filmography
Revueltas Silvestre (1899-1940 ) San Diego New Music site
Reynolds Belinda Composer’s site
Reynolds Roger ( 1934-) Contemporary Music:Electroacoustic Music Discography
Rheinberger Josef (1839-1901)
Ribot Marc Composer’s site
Ricketts (Lt.) F. J. (1881-1945) (aka Kenneth Alford) I-Classics
Ridout Godfrey Canadian Music Centre
Riedl Josef Anton (1927-) Collectors’ site
Riedlbauch Vaclav Czech music Information Centre
Riegger Wallingford DRAM
Riessler Michael Composer’s site
Riisager Knudåge Publisher’s site (Hansen)
Rijnvos Richard Ives Ensemble site
Riley Terry (1935-) Composer’s site
Rimbaud Robin Composer’s site
Rimsky-Korsakov Nikolay Andreyevich (1844-1908)
Filmography; Rare recordings
Risset Jean Claude Living Composers Project
Rivera Carlos Rafael Composer’s site
Rivers Sam Rick Lopez.
Rivier Jean Publisher’s site (Billaudot)
Robinson John Composer’s site
Rochberg George Publisher’s site (Presser)
Rodgers Richard (1902-1979) Lorenz Hart site
Rodriguez Robert Xavier DRAM
Roelstraete Herman CEBEDEM
Roldan Amadeo
Roman Johan Helmich (1694-1758) Official site
Ropartz Joseph-Guy (1864-1955) Association Guy Ropartz site
Rorem Ned (1923-) Official site
Rosa Clotilde Composer’s site
Rose Jon WNUR-FM Jazz Web site
Rosenberg Hilding (1892-1985) Hilding Rosenberg pages
Rosing-Schow Neils (1954-) DA Capo records
Rosner Arnold Living Composers Project
Rosnes Renee
Ross Eric Theremin World site
Rosetti (Rösler, Rössler) Antonio (Anton) (c1750-1792)
Via Society for C18 music,
Rosseau Norbert CEBEDEM site
Rossi Re Fabrizio de Living Composers Project.
Rossini Gioacchino 1792-1868) Filmography; Site dedicated to Stabat Mater versions
Rota Nino (1911-1979) Composer’s site
Rotaru Doina Living Composers Project
Roth Daniel Composer’s site
Rothenberg Ned WNUR site
Rouse Christopher Composer’s site
Roussel Albert (1869-1937) Publisher’s site (Salabert)
Routh Francis ttp:// Music We International
Rozsa Miklos (1907-1995) Filmography
Roy Stephane (1959-)
Rubalcaba Gonzalo Rubalcaba society
Rubbra Edmund (1901-1986) Official site
Rue Pierre de la - Todd M McComb
Ruggles Carl (1876-1971)
Thomas Herlin Sunsite (1990)
Runswick Daryl Publisher’s site (Faber)
Ruoff Axel Publisher’s site (Schott / Wergo)
Russell George Composer’s site
Rutter John (1945-) Publisher’s site (OUP)
Ruzicka Peter Living Composers Project
Rzewski (1938-) Living Composers Project