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Composer C/Name/Dates Weblink Comments
Fagen Donald Fretplay – Guitar site
Fahey John Fretplay – Guitar site
Faidit Gaucelm
Faith Richard (1926-) Composer’s site
Falla Manuel de (1876-1946)
Publisher’s site (Chester Novello); Filmography (Including TV usage)
Fampas Dimitri (1921-1996) Composer’s site
Farnon Robert (1917-) Official website
Farrenc Jeanne (1804-1875)
Discography of Recordings by Artists using Compostions Written by 64 Women before 1900; University of Oregon Women’s site
Fauré Gabriel (1845-1924) Reference to book with discography
Fedele Ivan Living Composers Project
Feiler Dror Phoenix University site
Feld Jindrich Czech contemporary music site
Feldman Morton (1926-1987) New AlbionChris Villars
Fenby Eric From "Fenby on Delius", Stephen Lloyd, editor
Fennesz Christian Composer’s site
Fernandez Jose Uzbekistan Progressive Rock pages
Ferneyhough Brian (1943-) Publisher’s site (Peters)
Ferreyra Beatriz
Fesca Alexander (1820-1848) German site
Fiala Jaromir (George) Canadian Music centre site
Fibich Zedenek (1850-1900) Bohemian Discogs site
Fidde Ross Australian Music Centre.
Fine Vivian (1913-2000) University of Oregon Women’s site
Fink Michael Jon Composer’s site
Finney Ross Lee ‘The Modern Word’ site relating to James Joyce.
Finnissy Michael (1946-) OUP
Finsterer Mary (1962-) Australian Music centre
Finzi Gerald (1901-1956) Finzi Tust site
Finzi Graciane University of Oregon Women’s site
Firpo Roberto Tango site
Firsova Elena
Wikipedia; Publisher’s site (Boosey)
Fiser Lubos Czech music centre
Flagello Nicolas Composer’s site
Fleischmann Aloys Contemporary Music entre Ireland.
Floyd Carlisle Publisher’s site (Boosey)
Fontyn Jacqueline (1930-) Composer’s site
Ford Andrew (1957-) Composer’s site
Formosa Riccardo Australian music centre
Forsyth Malcolm Canadian Music Centre
Fortner Wolfgang (1907-)
Foss Lucas (1922-) New Albion
Foster Stephen Collins (1826-64) Center for American Music
Foulds John (1880-1939)
Fox Christopher Composer’s site
Fox Jim Composer’s site
Fox Terry A Discography of Recorded Works by Artists Dan Lander and Micah Lexier
Francaix Jean (1912-1997) French site – maintained by Muriel Bellier
Frankel Benjamin (1906-1973) Publisher’s site (Chester Novello)
Franssens Joep Composer’s site
Fripp Robert Progressive Rock site
Frisell Bill
Frith Fred
Discogs; Composer’s site
Froberger Johann (1616-1667) Bradley Lehman
Froom David (1951-) Composer’s site
Fuhler Cor Composer’s site
Fulkerson James Living Composers Project
Fullman Ellen Composer’s site
Fux Johann Joseph (1660-1741) Baroque music site
Fuzzy Jens Wilhelm Pedersen (1939-) Composer’s site