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Composer C/Name/Dates Weblink Comments
Haas Georg Friedrich Korean website – not in Western script.
Hagen Daron (1961-) Composer’s site.
Hairston Jester Record Company site
Hakenberg Stefan (1960-) Composer’s site
Hakim Naji (1955-) Composer’s site
Hakmoun Hassan Rough Trade (German distributor)
Halévy (Jacques-François-) Fromental (-Elie) (1799-1862) Tom Kaufman On Meyerbeer website
Hambraeus Bengt Canadian Encyclopedia
Hämeenniemi Eero Finnish Contemporary Music Centre.
Hancock Gerre Composer/performer’s site
Handel Georg Friedrich (1685-1759)
Links to Handel-related sites by Brad Leissa and David Vickers; Opera and oratorio discographies by Philippe Gelinaud (not comprehensive); Cantata discography (selective) by John Wall; Discographies of several operas by Brian Capon; Filmography.
Handy John
Official website
Hannah Ron (1945-) Composer’s site.
Hannan Peter Canadian encyclopaedia.
Hanrahan Kip Composer’s site.
Hanson Howard (1896-1981)
Opera excerpts only; Filmography
Hanus Jan Czech music information centre
Harbison John (1938-)
Publisher’s site (Schirmer)Wikipedia
Hardin (aka Moondog) Louis
Harle John Composer’s site
Harman Chris Paul Living Composers Project.
Harper Edward Wilipedia
Harrington Jeff Composer’s site
Harris Ross SOUNZ site (Commercial site for New Zealand music)
Harris Roy (1898-1979) 1992 posting
Harrison Lou (1917-2003)
Filmography; New Albion
Hartke Stephen DRAM site
Harvey Mick By Leo Meijer and Maurice Maes
Hasse Johann by David Charlton
Hassell Jon Composer’s site
Hatzis Christos (1953-) Publisher’s site (Promethean)
Haydn Franz Joseph (1732-1809) Music City collaborative database
Haydn, Michael (1737-1806) The Danish Michael Haydn Project
Hays Sorrel Doris (1940-)
Oregon University Women’s site; Composer’s site
Heggie Jake (1961-) NewMusic org
Heininen Paavo Finnish Music Centre
Heinio Mikko Finnish Music Centre
Heinrich Anthony Philip (1781-1861) email: Benjamin Robert Tubb
Heise Peter (1830-1879) Composer’s site (Da capo)
Hellawell Piers CMC Ireland
Henderickx Wim CeBeDeM site
Henderson Ruth Watson
Oregon University Women’s site; Canadian Music Centre
Henry Pierre (1927-) Florida electro-acoustic site.
Henson-Conant Deborah Composer’s site
Henze Hans Werner (1926-)
Publisher’s site (Chester Novello); Bert Dekkers
Hesketh Kenneth Faber Music site.
Hess Nigel Record producer’s site.
Hidas Frigyes Hungarian BMC site
Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) by P-F RobergéInfionline
Hill Andrew
Stanford University siteComposer’s site
Hillborg Anders
Composer’s siteFilmography
Hilmarsson Hilmar Wikipedia
Hilton John (c.1560-1608) Basle University site.
Hilton John (1599-1657) Links provided by G Grainger.
Hindemith Paul (1895-1963) Reference to article with discography
Hiorthoy Kim Roughtrade (German site).
Hirota Joji Composer’s site
Hirs Rozalie Living Composers Project
Hirsch Michael Wergo (Schott) site
Hoddinott Alun (1929-2008)
Publisher (OUP) siteSee also this reference to 1993 book containing a Hodinott discography.
Hodemont Leonard de Mediathèque site – Wallon musicians
Hoffmann Ernst Theodor Amadeus (1776-1822) Filmography
Hoffnung Gerard (1925-1959) EMI site; All music International Hoffnung Concerts Ltd
Hoiby Lee (1926-) Composer’s site
Hollmer Lars Wikipedia
Holmboe Vagn (1909-) Publisher’s site (Hansen)
Holmès Augusta (1847-1903) University of Oregon Women’s site
Holohan Michael CMC Ireland
Holst Gustav (1874-1934) Filmography
Holyoke Samuel DRAM site
Homler Anna Composer/performer’s site
Honegger Arthur (1892-1955) Official site. Recordings up to 15 years old only
Hoover Katherine (1937-) Sigma Alpha Iota site.
Hope Elmo Noel Cohen’s jazz history website.
Hopkins Sarah New Albion site
Horovitz Joseph Publisher’s site – Chester Novello
Horvitz Wayne Chicago Radio station site.
Horwood Michael S Composer’s site
Houghton Phillip Australian Music Centre
Houtkamp Luc Sheffield University: compiled by Peter Stubley, Mike Khoury and Luc Houtkamp
Hovhaness Alan (1911-2000) Anonymous quasi-official site
Howard James Newton Christopher John Caine
Howells Herbert Norman (1892-1983) Chester Novello
Hubay Jeno (1858-1937) Hubay Jenö Foundation
Hui Melissa Stanford University site
Humperdinck Engelbert (1854-1921) CLOR site
Hunt Jerry Composer’s site
Hurd Michael Publisher’s site - Chester Novello
Hurley Donal CMC Ireland
Hurlstone William Yeates (1876-1905) A Critical Reassessment by Richard J Moore, incl. discography
Hurnik Ilja (1922-) Czech music information centre.
Hurum Alf Thema site – lesser-known Scandinavian music
Hus Walter Living Composers Project
Husa Karel (1921-) DRAM site
Hussain Zakir Composer’s own record company
Hyde Miriam (1913-) Australian music centre site
Hykes David New Albion site